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So what do you use as proper support to stabalise your big lens when on an open vehicle on a safari in one of our many parks.

Whether you are using a canon 300/500/600 lens or a Nikon 500 or 200-400 lens, you need a sturdy support base to take the weight of the lens and to stop it waving around or shaking and perhaps ruining that all important once in a life time shot. Factors that can count nagainst you are the inability to use a tripod due to obvious circumstances ( I have seen togs using a tripod they strap to the vehicle), or a flash to freeze movement due to the distance from you and the subject.

Obviously in one own car to to a degree on an open vehicle in the park one can use a bean bag, and this is better than nothing, BUT you sometimes still need something sturdier. Having spent a fair amount of time in the parks, and also acknowledging that I may not have all the answers, here is what I use, and something you can adopt as I have found it works really well.


First off one needs a super clamp >



This clamp is attached to the hand rail on the vehicle and is very sturdy. To this clamp one attaches your chosen head, (Kirk, manfrotto etc). The clamp can be adjusted for angle or position. The head is attached and stays on the clamp. The lens, which has had its sliding rail fitted to the specific head you are using can now be attached and detached within a few seconds, when the vehicle is moving, and attached when the vehicle has stopped for a firm, solid base to support that monster lens. This will due to its stability also prevent camera shake, and produce sharper images at lower shutter speeds.



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