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This Tutorial will deal with sunset photography, and will cover the following subjects:

* Why Sunsets?
* Guiding Rules
* Light Metering
* Lenses
* Weather
* Silhouettes
* Focus
* Aperture
* White Balance
* Long Exposures
* Composition
* Post Processing
* Warning
* Summery
* Credits and thanks

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Techniques of Natural Light Photography
Articale by Digital Cameras Help

There are three elements that a photographer must understand when taking pictures: light, composition and subject. Every image has its appropriate light. If the light is not good, the photo will be a failure.

An excellent subject with a good composition, seen in a dull, grey and boring light will obviously lead to a dull, grey and boring image. The placing of the subject in the frame is crucial for a high-quality composition. However, it is the light that makes the photo. On the other hand, a day to day subject with a decent composition and a radiant and dramatic light will lead to a successful image.

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You may be traveling from overseas, to attend a family or friends wedding or may be fortunate to be attending one of the great parks on a safari, or just traveling this great country as part of a group or by yourselves. The question may be asked, do you risk flying out with sometimes heavy, and cumbersome equipment to shoot that friends/families wedding or visit one of the numerous wildlife parks. Apart from the risk associated with traveling from overseas with expensive equipment, it also eats heavily into your baggage weight allowance. Take the hassle out of traveling with your equipment and rent it from us. We will meet you at the airport (Jhburg) to deliver your equipment and collect it when you depart for home. 

What is the minumim requirements or equipment needed to photograph a wedding ?

Most wedding photographers shoot with Canon or Nikon as these are the two most popular brands that also have a large selection of lenses to fit the various cameras they sell. A good camera capable of shooting with a minumin of 10 megapixels is desirable with the Nikon D300, D90, D700 and D3 cameras in the Nikon stable the most popular, and the Canon 30D, 40D 50D, 5D and 1D cameras in the canon stable the most popular. Most common or popular lenses are the 50 mm 1.2, 1.4 and 1.8 F stop lenses in both Nikon and Canon due to there good performance in low light conditions. The 24-70 F2.8 , 24-105, 100 and 105 macros as well as the 70-200 F2.8 are the most common and sought after weddibng lenses and are well suited for weddings. As well as the camera and lenses one needs a suitable flash. The nikon SB800/900 and canon 580Ex range work well. 

Other requirements needed:

Spare battery for your camera

Spare batteries for your flash

Spare cf/sd cards

Diffuser for your flash

Spare back up camera is desirable

Comfortable shoes - You will spend many hours on your feet

A suitable editing programme to edit your photos

A suitable computor with enough resources to handel your images for editing

If unsure what camera or lens you require if shooting a wedding, talk to us and we will ensure you have the correct equipment for the job. We also offer wedding packages at discounted rates to hiring individual items. You may want to try out a lens or camera before purchasing it, and then rather hire it, try it out before spending that large amunt of money.

Articale by Shotaddict

Photographing sports means taking shots of moving objects. And when shooting the moving objects you can try to follow the object, synchronously moving your camera after it. Such method allows you to concentrate attention on the object movement.


There are two techniques of shooting moving objects:

* to get a picture with the blurred background being in motion, while the object of shooting remains still and clear.
* to show movement, making a dynamic object look blurred, but such an artistic technique is rarely used.

So, we will write about the first technique. In order to receive such a picture during shooting, you need to know the basics of composition and understand an interaction of shutter speed and diaphragm. This article will touch upon the principles of taking pictures of cars in motion. Basically, the same method applies to people shooting, but in a much easier way.

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